Fromage Blanc

Fancy French for white cheese.
This soft cheese is very easy but everyone will think you are 
tres magnifique when you serve it! 

Since getting Cocoa, our family cow, I've been attempting to make cheese and other dairy items from raw milk.  It can be tricky.  I must admit I have had a few failures ~ rubbery mozzarella, sour cream that didn't thicken.  

But this Fromage Blanc was a huge success and 
will certainly be a "go to" recipe at the Red Farmhouse.

First you start by warming the milk.

Then add cultured buttermilk and lemon juice.

Let it set for a few minutes until tiny curds form.

Pour into cheesecloth and hang to drain.

Salt and season to taste.
I added Italian seasoning to mine.
Pack into a dish.

Serve with crackers, veggies,
on a sandwich,
or just dig in with a spoon.
It's rich & creamy.

Homemade Fromage Blanc from raw milk ~ delicieux!

Recipes for cheese can be found in 
Mary Jane Toth's, A Cheesemaker's Journey.
Cheese making supplies can be found here too.

Numbers 15:27
They gave Moses this account: 
"We went into the land to which you sent us, 
and it does flow with milk and honey! 
Here is its fruit.


  1. Every time I see you post about cocoa it makes me more and more excited to get our own cow! It been on the list for a while, but now we have the fence completed and we even scored part of a milker at an auction last night! I'm ready to start carefully reviewing what breed we want. I'm wanting to choose a smaller breed for our family of six. Even though I do not often comment I adore following you and your precious family on your farming journey.

  2. that sounds great...and not too complicated to make!!

  3. Our family made mozzarella recently and it was terrific! Not only better tasting (and better for us) than anything store-bought, but it was really fun to do with the kids...they were amazed we could make cheese!

  4. This brings back memories of my Mom making cheese... and butter, yogurt, sour cream and of course the very best - ice cream! :-) This cheese you made looks fabulous. Are your boys pretty good sports about trying it? ~ Dori ~

    1. Dori,
      The boys are loving all the things I am making with the milk. They say they never want to go back to store bought milk. Last night, my husband and I returned home from running errands and our middle was drinking straight out of a jug of chocolate milk while watching a movie.

  5. With a never ending supply of that, I would gain weight for sure. But then I don't have three growing boys to feed. It looks delish!


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