Seven S-Squared Lambs

All of our lambs have arrived
and are growing like crazy.

We chose names associated with their sire or dam.
This year they have our farm name too.

I thought you might like to meet them~

 Rocky is a lilac ram that belongs to Jared.  
He picked the name.  Cute!
S-Squared Rocky Road
(Never Winter Haagen Dazs x St. Jude's Ralene)

Copper has amazing dark black fleece like his dam 
and crimpy fleece like his sire.
S-Squared Copper
(St. Jude's Auburn x Rockhaven Flora)

 Flash just has a few flashes of black but fleece that I can't wait to dye and spin.  I've never seen such wide horns on a lamb.
S-Squared Flash
(Moose Mtn. Hawthorn x St. Jude's Twinkle)

 Tinsel is really cute.  She will be going to her 
new home in Texas this weekend.
S-Squared Tinsel
(Moose Mtn. Hawthorn x St. Jude's Twinkle)

Calico is very friendly and always comes up to me 
when I'm in the pasture except when I have my camera.
S-Squared Calico
(Never Winter Haagen Dazs x St. Jude's Callie)

 MacArthur is just nice.  Perfect face markings.
S-Squared  MacArthur
(Never Winter Haagen Dazs x St. Jude's McCarthy)

And last but never least, Zip.  He lives up to his name 
and zips around the pasture.
S-Squared Zip
(Never Winter Haagen Dazs x Moose Mtn. Ziggy)

 He's my favorite
especially when I see him from behind. ;)

Psalm 114:4
The mountains skipped like rams, 
and the little hills like lambs.


  1. Wow... They are growing fast!

  2. They are wonderful. Love the names.

  3. How cute....the names fit each one so well.

  4. Kim, they are so beautiful. I am trying to talk my husband into letting me have a side operation of sheep! He says we need to focus on our grass fed cows. :-( I grew up with sheep and they are such awesome animals. I love your pictures! How is the milking going? Can't wat for a post on your milking parlor. ~ Dori ~

    1. Tell him we have cattle and sheep. ;) They are enjoyable. Something about watching sheep graze a pasture.
      Milking is going really well. Will show the the parlour soon. Promise.

  5. I have to say I love the rear end pic of Zip ! So many times I have thought about the cute spots my sheep have on their rear-ends as they walk away from me.

    What a lovely lamb-crop you have. Aren't Jacob sheep the best ?

    1. Kathy,
      Yes. We love our Jacobs. Thanks for the compliments. It means a lot coming from a fellow Jacob shepherdess.


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