October Occurrence

It has been so busy here on the farm and I haven't posted much.
A full fall update is in order.

We've had an abundance of rain this year which has blessed our pastures with green grass.  It's finally starting to fade now as cooler temperatures come in. 

The cattle and pigs have gone to butcher which means we have full freezers and fewer to feed at chore time.  This has been very nice!

The summer garden is gone but the fall one is coming along.  We are trying some late "summer" veggies too like green beans and squash.  We'll see if they can produce before the morning dew turns to morning frost.

Sweet D is the only horse in the pasture.  Bobbi wasn't getting much riding and she was too good of a horse to waste.  She's now living where little boys can ride her everyday.  We're really happy about that.  It does feel strange to only have one horse though after having five!  D has adjusted to it very well.  She stays busy five days a weeks riding English and jumping with Jonah and has taken up with the alpaca during her off time.

Cocoa is also no longer here.  It's a sad cow story that I don't want to tell.  We've decided not to replace her. I regret the outcome but not the experience.  I will hold sweet memories of milking.  For now, we will go back to buying raw milk from a local dairyman and sipping coffee on the front porch in the cool morning breeze.

It's breeding season for the sheep!  We have two breeding groups this year with six ewes in one and seven in the other.  Yes, that means we should have around 20 lambs in the spring! Many will be sold as meat but we also hope to improve fleeces and continue the lovely Jacob traits within our flock. The boys are busy but still finding time to fight with each other through the freshly painted fence.
Silly rams!

"No ma'am, we're not fighting."

Other than that, we have settled into a school routine with riding lessons & golf lessons in between.  Thankfully, I have time to spin too.  Daffodil's silvery gray roving is spinning up beautifully!

Trust in Him at all times, O people;
pour out your hearts to him
for God is our refuge.
Psalm 62:8


  1. The joys (and hard work and occasional sadness too) of homesteading, fast forwarded to our modern times. I admire your family's commitment to providing for yourselves and trying new things. Wishing you a great Fall.

  2. It was good to get an update! I've been missing you. Sorry to hear about Cocoa. Sometimes we just have to work through it all on the homestead to see what 'fits' and what doesn't. Glad you can still enjoy your raw milk and morning coffee.

    1. It wasn't that it was a bad fit. I really enjoyed milking. But Cocoa got sick and died and I haven't wanted to jump back in and try again. Dairy animals are so time consuming, health sensitive and most of all personal (I know you understand). I'm not grieving over her but it was difficult. I'm ready to move on with the rest of our farm animals and hold sweet memories of the experience of milking.
      Thanks for missing me!

  3. Sounds as if you h a ve been busy..look forward to hearing bout the fall garden. I am new to Jacob sheep and yours are beauty...

  4. Kimberly the farm looks beautiful!


    Cottage Making Mommy

  5. Ohhh. So sorry about Cocoa! We have Jerseys and Herefords and LOVE them to death. I can't imagine losing one of them! They're almost like family, ya know? ;D Believe it or not, each of them have their own personality.
    LOVELY farm. Love the sign. Tuteness!

  6. Hi Kim Like your life styl. We are trying to do the same thing in the UK. Just about to get some sheep and spin their wool hopefully next year. Any advice is greatly received. Love Sarah x

    1. Email me through my profile and ask whatever you like. I'll try to answer all your sheep questions. :)

    2. Hey Kim! Great to see the updates ~ how are things going with the flock? I'd love to hear how Petals and Flora are doing. The new St. Jude's girls look awesome!


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