Goat Coat

Poor Brownie was so cold!  
With freezing rain and wind chills in the 20's, she was huddled up shivering today.  As the lone goat in a pasture full of woolly sheep, she was not getting any sympathy.

I decided something had to be done!  A Carhartt vest that the boys have outgrown was pulled out of the donation pile and put on the goat.  It took some wrestling to get it on but it actually fits pretty well, except that the waistline is a little... um...snug.

The sheep came running to see what on earth she had on.
And then they had the nerve to gather around and stare.
They whispered among themselves, 
ran away,
 crept up,
 and stared some more.

"It's a goat coat.  What do you think it is? Silly sheep!"

"It's OK, Brownie.  We think you look cute in your coat."

If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God,
who gives generously to all without finding fault,
and it will be given to him.
James 1:5


  1. I am a lover of goats had to sell all mine to make a 1200 mile move so it is nice to read about someone else's. Love this story and she looks fabulous!!!! I bet she really does appreciate the gesture......giggle giggle

  2. Ohhhh now that sounds like a donation pile I would like!
    Genius idea!! Gave me a giggle too 😛

  3. Kim, that is something I would do. I can't stand to see farm animals or pets cold. So cute, that is one little thankful goat.


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