Choosing to love...and still loving

Twenty five years ago we chose to love.
I can hardly believe that much time has passed.
In some ways, it seems like only yesterday 
that I walked down the aisle and took his hand.
In other ways, it seems like a lifetime ago.
In truth, it is both.

Since then,
life has brought many changes.
God has given us three wonderful sons 
that are quickly growing into men.
And now a pretty little farm
for us to live on
just like we always dreamed of.

But along the way, we've had challenges too~
emotional, financial, health.
We've seen mountain tops and valleys.

And we have changed ourselves.
 the one thing that has not changed is love
except maybe that it has grown deeper.

Growing with that love is the knowledge that
some days you must choose to love.
Choosing to love gets you through the valleys
and back up to the mountain tops
like the one we are on today...

Celebrating 25 years of marriage 
& still loving!

Phillipians 2:2
Then make my joy complete 
by being like-minded,
having the same love,
being one in spirit and purpose.


  1. Wow, Kim! You don't look old enough to have 25 years of marriage under your belt! x

    Congrats to you both, have a great 2014 xxxx

  2. "Choosing to Love"...I like that very much. Very inspiring post. Congratulations to the both you!

  3. You are so wise. Congratulations on your union. Here's to another 25 years!

  4. Congrats to you two, beautiful picture, Blessings Francine.

  5. What a beautiful picture. Happiest wedding blessings!

  6. Congratulations on your anniversary, and Happy New Year, may you have another 25 years together. hugs Lynda Ruth

  7. "choosing to love" what a wonderful statement. Congratulations on 25 years together.

  8. Kim - what an absolutely darling picture of the two of you. A happy and healthy marriage really does oftentimes come down to what we choose to place priority on doesn't it? And choosing to love is vital. Enjoyed your post (as always!) and wishing you the very best twenty fourteen has to offer! ~ Dori ~

  9. Goodness; you barely LOOK 25! Happy anniversary!

  10. How beautiful...but you cant possibly be old enough to be married 25 years! However I loved what you wrote..such honesty and truth :) Happy Anniversary

  11. Congratulation on 25 years....Life is about choices.
    Glad you guys chose to Love. Blessing to your home and marriage. God Blessed you and your family this new year.

  12. Happy Anniversary!!!! Great picture of you guys!!!! I love how you decorated your house for Christmas, its beautiful!

  13. Congratulations to two of my favorite people.

  14. Congratulations on the twenty five years. This year will be our 19th.

  15. Congratulations! BTW, you guys don't look old enough to have been married 25 years...

  16. You are SO cute!! Maybe I'll look that good when I've been married 25 years too ... three more years to go ;)

    Congratulations, Kim! Many more happy years to you both.


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