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Colored Deviled Eggs (repost)

Deviled eggs are a must at Easter so why not color them?

Just dye the egg whites after you remove the yolks.  Drop them in a glass of 1/2 cup of water with 4 drops of food coloring.  Red dye makes a brilliant pink.  Blue and purple take a little extra time.  All of them need to soak for about 10 minutes ~ just enough time to whip up the devilish filling.  My secret to a great filling ~ a dab of horseradish with mayo & pickle relish.  Devilishly good!
Oh, and I almost forgot... a cookie scoop is the perfect tool for filling those pretty eggs.
Happy Easter!
Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! Philippians 4:4

Vintage Glow

Light.   It's something that every home needs. But what kind of light do we want our home to have?  In some spots I need bright task lighting.  In other places, I prefer soft light ~  a warm vintage glow.

One of those places is above the kitchen sink.  With recessed lights all around, the Pottery Barn pendant is more for looks than anything else.  Some time back, we found these Edison style light bulbs.

The filament swirls around inside the glass  casting a soft golden glow.   The light resembles candlelight. I love how it looks from inside the house and out!

Psalm 18:28 You, O Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light.

Hatching chicks, young chicks, retiring chicks, and dying chick

Living on a farm teaches you about the cycle of life. Sometimes there are days that beginnings & endings happen all at once.

Today we have chicks hatching in the incubator! It's a day early from my calculations but they are cracking the shells and announcing their arrival with little peeps from within.  It's so fun to watch them enter the world.
That means that we need to get the young chicks that we hatched in our earlier batches out of the brooder and into the hen house.  We tried this last week and the young rooster got picked nearly to death.  Some picking on little ones is normal but they were just terrible to that poor guy. Today we will try to introduce them again.  I'm watching closely from the window so the mean hens can be identified and "retired".

And then we have one dying and we aren't sure why.  She doesn't look good.  It's OK though. I love raising chickens but they are not pets (except for Lizzy, of course) and this is part of the…

Shearing Day

Yesterday morning was drizzly and chilly but we were blessed with friends who came out at 8 am on a Saturday morning to help us.  It was lots of fun!  Except for the shearer, none had much experience with shearing and skirting but we learned together.

One by one the sheep's warm woolen coats were sheared off in one big piece.

Hooves were trimmed and annual vaccinations and wormer were given.

They were handled with the firm but gentle hands of the shearer.

Amazing how different they look without their fleece.

We set up a makeshift skirting table where we gathered around to skirt the fleece.  It took many hands to quickly work over the wool before the shearer had the next one done.  Last year the whole fleeces went into bags and were left to work over later.  I was so happy to put skirted fleeces into bags and have them  ready to process by hand or by the mill.

This sweet little guy was helping his dad with Garfunkel.

The alpaca look so different!

Simon's fleece is fluffy, blue…

Satin Pajamas & Carhartt Overalls

Sometimes I feel like a contradiction. I like pretty clothes but before buying them I ask myself  if I could tromp through the sheep pasture in them.  I talk sweetly to my chickens but  can scream at the pigs in a split second. I curl my hair and put on makeup but  I schedule both around barn chores. I love to garden without gloves but  I don't like dirt under my finger nails. I prefer heeled shoes because they make me taller but  I wear cowboy boots because they are easier to scrape poop off.  I make pretty aprons to wear but  I wipe farm grime on them.
Yes, I'm a contradiction.
I had this contradiction revelation a few nights ago after I got ready for bed and settled into my satin pajamas. Only then I realized that I had not locked up the chickens and a skunk has been sneaking around the coop!  Quick as lightning I put on my Carhartt overalls and coat and pulled on my pink mud boots.  Splashing through the puddles out to the coop, I gazed up at the moon.  "Why am I doi…