Hoping for Rams

Rams are challenging and there's no perfect ram.
However, in Jacob Sheep there are certain traits that are important to the breed and some that are desirable to us for our flock. The fact is, the ram is the most important member of your flock making up to 50% of the equation.

The past year has been difficult concerning our rams.
Our two most promising ram lambs were killed by a bobcat.
Then we lost one in a ram fight
and still another injured in a way that made him unsuitable for breeding.

With lambing right around the corner, we decided to cull the rams.  Culling decisions are never easy but when it came down to it, we decided all of them needed to go, each for different reasons.  Now, we enter uncharted territory by not having a registered ram and knowing they are hard to come by in our part of the country.  It may seem like a risky decision but for now we feel good about it.

We have several bred ewes that could throw a ram we could use and they have given us pretty lambs before.  That is what we are hoping for. We will wait to see what arrives in February.  Maybe it will be a big ram year and we will have several to choose from.  A beautiful four horn boy from Ziggy, Daylily, or Daffodil would be wonderful.

Or maybe we will be shopping around for the perfect guy to have shipped in for our Jacob girls.

We will need the faith & patience of a shepherd before we will know.

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for
and certain of what we do not see.
Hebrews 1:1


  1. How exciting! Best wishes with your flock!

  2. Bobcat? wow!! I am glad we do not have those challenges raising sheep.
    I hope you find the right ram!

  3. Beautiful photo and you're so right - culling is never ever easy. I hope you find the perfect match!

  4. Yikes! A bobcat?! I am also glad we live in an area without those large cats! I hope you have a ram year!


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