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Monday, February 10, 2014

Lambing in the Snow

It's freezing outside
and wicked looking icicles are dripping from the roof.
But in the sheep pasture,
our ewes are delivering their lambs.

This little guy came last night
and was greeted by the snow covered grass he landed on.
We quickly moved mom & babe to the shed 
where they would  have piles of hay 
and a heat lamp to stay warm (or at least warmer).

Another ewe delivered at lunch today 
and more look like they may not wait until morning.
With temps in the teens,
it's going to be a long winter's night 
at the Red Farmhouse.

Light is shed upon the righteous
and joy on the upright in heart.
Psalm 97:11


  1. Oh BRRRR, Kim! This is one of those times that animal husbandry is not for the faint of heart!

  2. Keep the poor little buggers warm. Happy lambing. I love your sheep. The lambs are just cute and colorful. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see more lamb pictures.

  3. Beautiful photo of your house and the ice icicles, aw so stinking cute....Just in time for Spring. Keep warm!

  4. We dream of this way of life a croft on the Western Isles, Scotland. The temperatures and the icicles are not part of the dream. Beautiful photos.

    1. You're right, reality is rarely part of the dream. We didn't know that when we started out. We still love it though.

  5. Oh, I love the pictures. Love the markings on that little lamb. Are they getting names this year? Can't wait to see them in person and hold that sweet baby. Do take care of yourself, too, as you take care of the animals. Sending warm thoughts and love.

    1. They are all getting names that start with A this year. This little one was named Ace last night because he was the first and because he only has one eye patch. ;) Daffodil also delivered a ram lamb and we named him Aster because he needed a flower name like his dam.

  6. Oh, my. How precious! What did your second ewe lamb and how many? My goats are upon kidding season, too. I'm pretty sure one of my does will be kidding sometime today. Those babies are just so adorable. Enjoy them and stay warm! Hope all goes well with your lambing. : )

    1. Daffodil had a single ram that we named Aster.

  7. Oh so cute! Last year my goat waited until the coldest day of Spring to kid. I think they do it on purpose, lol!!! Congrats and stay warm. This weekends weather is going to be AWESOME!!!!!

  8. Oh they are beautiful!! Congratulations....

  9. Yay for lambs! Hope they're all coping with the cold weather. I've got 2 ewes in the barn now just in case...It'll be easier than moving them in the snow in case they do lamb.


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