More Little Lambs

You may be getting tired of lamb pics
but I feel the need to share all the lambs with you.

Here are the ones that have been born over the weekend~

Amy & Amber are twin Valentine girls.
Little bitty things but oh, so sweet.

Aurora is huge ~ bigger than all the others.
Her mom keeps her away from everyone so catching a good photo has been impossible!

And then we had another set of twin girls but one was rejected by momma.  Not sure why we have had this happen twice this year.  It's part of having lambs, I suppose.

This one was named Rachel by her family. She will be a good little sister to Leah that they took last week.

Aquila is still with their mom and doing well.

May the righteous be glad 
and rejoice before God;
may they be happy and joyful.
Psalm 68:3


  1. Every one of those blessings deserves their 15 seconds of fame. Never too many lamb pics. :) Congrats.

  2. I agree; who could tire of lamb photos??? Helps me wait for my own lambies….

  3. Who said they were tired of little lamb pictures? So much cuteness.

  4. Oh I love those precious babies!!! We had a new calf born today and I just thought there is hardly anything as precious as baby animals!! Love your pictures! ~ Dori ~

  5. Um, no one gets tired of lambies :-D.

  6. I could never tire of looking at lamb pictures, they are gorgeous.


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