Signs of Spring

There of signs of spring all around the farm.

Pushing there way up through the ground,
are lots of lilies in the flower garden and
 little rows of lettuce in the veggie garden.

In Oklahoma, we know it's spring
when the Redbud trees are in full bloom.

Green grass is popping up everywhere too.
This is a welcome sign on a farm.
We know the hay hauling days are almost complete.

Aren't the peach tree blooms delightful?

It makes you want to lounge in a chair outside

or on the grass, if you prefer. ;)

I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.
Jeremiah 31:25


  1. Seems like just this week signs of Spring are popping up everywhere. I am loving it!

  2. Looks so wonderful. Hopefully soon here in PA.

  3. Beautiful! This is the first week it's actually felt like spring. I can't wait for the snow to fully melt so I can look around for such lovely signs as you have. :-)

  4. I love this - & I love that Spring is finally coming!


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