Proud Momma ~ Part 3

This weekend Jonah had his first jumping show.
It was Riviera's first show too.

There was a lot of waiting for the jumper 
rounds to begin.
A few moments of reflection before
 entering the warm up ring were needed.
They had worked so hard to get to this day!

His coach did a great job of getting
him prepared and making sure he knew his patterns.

Ready, get set...


They were a~maz~ing!

5 jumping rounds
2 of them jump offs

and a 5th place ribbon.

Take a bow. ;)

Thanks to my boys who don't always
like to live publicly on the www 
by letting me share my 
proud momma moments.

Rejoice in that day,
and jump of joy,
because your reward is great in heaven.
Luke 6:23


  1. Beautiful shots. Congratulations to a young man and his horse!! She looked gorgeous going over the jump. :) Happy Mother's Day.

  2. They are both doing great, aren't they? YAY!!!

  3. Hi Kim! Thanks for your visit! And many congrats to your son! I so enjoy watching equestrian events - would have loved to do that as a young person. You go right ahead and be just as proud as you want!

  4. He has my respect. I grew up riding western. In Denmark, my friend let me ride her horse English and dang it was hard. I couldn't imagine jumping.

    1. Yes, it is hard. J makes it look easy. Thanks for stopping by.


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