Swiss Chard

is a super food!
Second only to spinach, 
rich in everything that's good for you.

It's also super easy to grow.

Rainbow Chard is beautiful with bright colors
 in red, yellow, and hot pink.
It's not as good to eat as the plain green stuff though.
  It is gorgeous planted among flowers in the summer!

Served fresh in salads
or cooked in a little oil and butter in a pot,
it can't be beat as a fresh veggie straight out of the garden.

It does take a bunch to make a serving.
About the size of one large head of leaf lettuce will make a one cup serving.
Plant some today.  You can't go wrong with Swiss Chard.

Swiss Chard cooked in a skillet with olive oil/butter
 and topped with Parmesan cheese
For God did not call us to be impure,
but to live a holy life.
I Thessalonians 4:7


  1. I think it's too late to plant it now. It's wonderful for a Fall garden planted late August early September.
    Gag, I can't believe you eat it fresh! My critters won't even eat it fresh. I like it cooked in bacon grease with onions, hmmmm. Your recipe looks yummy too with the parmesan cheese on top :)

  2. Hello Kim, you sound like a wonderful cook. Beautiful crop of Chard. Have a wonderful evening.

  3. I love chard, but I'm the only one!

  4. I have the rainbow seeds. I can't wait for it to grow!


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