Chosen Rams

We've known which ones we liked from the very beginning
but we have officially decided to keep three guys
 intact to see how they develop.

They each have qualities that we love.
Combined they would make our ideal ram.
It doesn't work quite like that though.
Still, we feel blessed to have such nice rams born into our flock.

Alpine had a recent name change to Azure. 
Alpine just didn't fit him. 
With blue marbled eyes and sire & dam with Z in their names,
 it just had to be Azure.

S-Squared Azure
He has a h-u-g-e horn spread, very nice fleece and slender face.  He's missing knee patches that we love but he's got everything else, including ram presence (that proud, check me out, attitude).

S-Squared Atticus
Atticus is very darkly marked and out of our prized flock matron, Precious.  He has nice even markings and horns.  A definite keeper!

S-Squared Astaire
Astaire ~ he's been a favorite of the whole family from day one.
He has the mellow personality of his sire and has lots of spots.  Those legs markings are just what we love.
His lateral horns are iffy right now so we will watch them to see if they grow down and around toward his chin.

This weekend they moved away from their moms
into the back near the sheep shed.
They are already establishing who will be the boss.

I love to watch the ewes and ewe lambs 
but there is just something about the chosen rams.

It's almost like they are born knowing they are special.

How good and pleasant it is when 
brothers live together in unity!
Psalm 133:1


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