Day Lily Days!

The day lilies are putting on a show around the farm.
Last night I counted 18 different varieties blooming
in the cottage garden alone.
I just LOVE them!

The beautiful thing about day lilies is 
that they are only here for a day.
All that loveliness for a single day.
Blink and you'll miss them.
It's an amazing thing & a good reminder to be beautiful today.

Here are just a few of my favorites.
OK, a bunch of my favorites. ;)
Be sure to look carefully, there is a surprise on one of them...

June on the farm wouldn't be the same without day lilies!

Thanks to my sweet, wonderful friend, Alice
for sharing them with me when she downsized her garden.

Be joyful in hope.
Romans 12:12


  1. Your lilies are spectacular! I hope to get some pretty blossoms soon!

  2. I spied the surprise. :) Your Lillie's are all very lovely. I like the peachy ones.

  3. looking good! I'm really enjoying them in my garden now, too. I love June!!!

  4. Wow, you have so MANY varieties!

  5. Oh, they are SO beautiful! I don't want to sound like I'm complaining - I have so much beauty around me - but I would LOVE to have some colour in my garden too :)

    And I *loved* the surprise ;) ...


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