Just Peachy

Our peach trees are loaded this year!

We planted them three years ago.
The first year we pulled off the first fruits 
so the trees would spend their energy growing roots.
Last year, we thinned the peaches out
but then the remaining peaches fell off.
This year, we left them alone to do their thing.
They didn't disappoint!

This weekend, I picked a full 5 gallon bucket
and there are still a ton on the trees.

 I put on my apron and 
the peach processing began.

how to peel a peach perfectly

Some went in the freezer 
and  I jammed the rest.
I love peach jam!

peach freezer jam recipe

Today I picked some more and
 just put a peach crisp in the oven.
Seems like it's going to be just peachy around here for a while.

For no good tree bears bad fruit;
nor again does a bad tree bear good fruit.
Luke 6:43


  1. Those are beautiful peaches. I have baby trees and I can't wait until they begin to produce!

  2. Would you like a recipe for fresh peach pie? You'll never make a baked peach pie again, this one has so much more flavor!

    1. Oh, yes! Email it to me. I would love to try it.

  3. Peachy Keen!! Beautiful fruit.

  4. I'm so jealous! My two peach trees are just two feet tall at this point and I can only dream of picking my own fruit. Fortunately I'll be able to hit the farmer's market soon.

  5. Oh, yummy! We had peach trees for a few years, and there is just not anything better than fresh peaches.

  6. You are Blessed. Thank you for sharing your wonderful place.

  7. Kim, I love peaches right off the tree. Before retiring to Tennessee we lived in Southern Utah and we had a peach tree that produced so many peaches I couldn't put them all up. I love to freeze sliced peaches and eat them throughout the winter. We've started our orchard here in Tennessee but it'll be a few years. Your peaches look beautiful... you know they are good peaches when you remove the skin and the peach is that pretty orangey/red color underneath! :-)

  8. Oh I so love peaches. They don't grow in this altitude. I am happy you had such a successful harvest.


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