Strawberry Season

I finally got some strawberry plants to survive through the winter!
For the last few weeks, they have been producing
lovely little berries.
They are so yummy.

Bowl after bowl has come into the house
and made it's way to the table.
I haven't even made any strawberry freezer jam.

There are still a few blooms though.
Maybe there will be enough.

All the ways of the Lord
are loving and faithful.
Psalm 25:10


  1. Strawberries, love this time of the year. We just plant ours this summer. It will be next summer before we enjoy the bounty of them. I Love your little farm. Have a wonderful day.

  2. Kim, there is nothing better tasting that fresh strawberries! We don't have any growing (yet) but I've been buying at the local farm. I've bought GALLONS and we've eaten them all! Pies, shortcakes, ice cream, and just bowls and bowls of strawberries for snacking. And I think our season is just about over and I never got any jam made!!! :-) - Dori -

    1. Oh yes. Your strawberry pie recipe is still on my list of things to do. ;)

  3. No strawberries here yet! I cant wait.

  4. Beautiful plants :))))
    I've made 6 pints of jam and a pie so far.
    Berry good year for us Okies ;)

    1. Hopefully the blackberries will be good too.

  5. Sounds so good. My patch got old and I didn't get it replaced last fall. No strawberries this year. Yours look grand.

  6. They look yummy!
    We are still waiting for berry season.


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