George Morris Clinic

Jonah had an amazing opportunity this past weekend.  He was on a waiting list for the George Morris clinic in Dallas and at the last minute someone cancelled.  Quickly packing up the trailer, we headed to Texas for four days.
If you have had anything to do with English equestrian sports for the last four or five decades, you know who George Morris is.  For those of you who don't know, he is the man, I mean THE MAN.  No one would argue that.

He has the reputation of being tough maybe even mean.
I found him honest, straight forward, impatient with lack of effort, and absolutely right on every single time.  I also found him to be a gentleman, a sweet old man, and a trainer that could bring out the very best in every horse and rider in the ring.  His clinics are not for the weak at heart!

The riders rode (and I do mean rode) for two hours straight each day.  It was physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging.  And worth every bit of effort.

And boy, could George Morris ride.  He rode without irons and jumped fences.  He even rode our horse, Riviera and said she was a "nice horse".  What a thrill that was to see.

He taught Jonah so many things, too many to count. 
I think he really liked our boy; picked on him a little.  J came home with a spiral full of notes and a pocketful of memories and future dreams. A few funny stories too!

 Hopefully, we will see him again next year when he comes to Oklahoma.

My favorite George Morris quotes from this weekend:
"wishy-washy woman"
"don't waste my time"
"stride like an elephant"
"the lights are blazing but nobody's home"
"stupid, stupid boy"
and he also said:
"very good"
"Look at those hands"
"Ride, RIDE that horse!"

To the man who pleases Him,
God gives wisdom, knowledge and happiness.
Ecclesiastes 2:26


  1. What a great thrill for him, a great honour indeed

  2. Wow, Jonah got to go to GRADUATE school! What an opportunity, and how great of you to make it happen for him!

  3. I'm so glad Jonah got to go. I'm sure the things he learned will stay with him his whole life. How wonderful !!!

  4. Wow, what an amazing opportunity. Great that your son was able to go. Sometimes those last minute things work out to be the best.

  5. Criticism makes one stronger. Glad you hat the opportunity. I rode English once and it is a completely different animal than Western riding.

  6. Wow! So cool! What a neat experience--so happy you guys got to take advantage of that opportunity!


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