Weekends Full of Running and Riding

The last month has been super busy
with lots of cross country meets 
and horse shows for our boys.
We have literally gotten up before 6 am
every Saturday for 8 weeks.
It's been so fun to watch them run and ride.
Completely worth it!
We are ready for some restful weekends on the farm though. 

Jared is an awesome runner and enjoying every minute of it.

He's covering miles of road and turf every week
and his times have gotten better through the season.

I love how he always finishes with flair.
So dramatic.  So Jared.

Jonah and Riviera are riding great together.

They have the flying lead change down
and are tackling tighter turns over the jumps.

Their partnership is always exciting & fun to watch.

Jake has switched colleges so that means he switched equestrian teams too.
This show was hosted by his old team which he now competes against.

In collegiate equestrian competitions like this, the rider's horse is picked by random draw.  They are not allowed to put their leg on or guide the horse with the reins until they enter the ring and are being judged.   It's very challenging.

He happened to draw a horse that he had ridden before. 
 The horse's name was Jake too and he is fun to ride so our Jake was excited.

Each of the boys have earned lots of ribbons
running and riding this month.
We're proud of them.

2 Timothy 4:7
I have fought the good fight,
I have run the race,
I have kept the faith.


  1. Congratulations. It is good to see kids out competing and working hard. Good job mom!

  2. It is wonderful to see hard work paying off, congratulations to you all.


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