A Cat & Mouse Tale

Simba's Story

I love to hunt ~ live for it really.  Well, that and rubbing my face on the old master's goatee and getting tummy rubs by the younger masters.  Those are second however to the unending supply of rodents on the farm.  Every morning after my piddly breakfast of kitty food & a saucer of milk,
I'm off to find something more substantial to eat.

One fine morning, I caught a fat little mouse,
Another bigger one at mid day.
And still another around dinner time.
I give you permission to be impressed!  I'm an amazing hunter really.

I always bring the mice
to the yard outside the dining room window for my humans in the Red Farmhouse to admire.
They need to see that I earn my keep, unlike those stupid dogs!

As I was playing "Cat and Mouse" with my last catch,
the slobbering stupid male dog, "Tuff " did the unthinkable.
He STOLE my mouse and carried it INSIDE the farmhouse.
Honestly, I don't know why they let those animals in there while I have to stay in the garage.   I mean they're dogs for goodness sake.  Anyway, I watched from the window as the Mrs. asked him what he had in his mouth.  He replied promptly by dropping my active new friend on the floor. There were screams and shouts as the mouse scurried around.  You should have heard them.  I mean really people, it's just a mouse!
Of course, I heard someone shout, "Get the cat!"

The next thing I knew, I was quickly scooped up and rushed into the house.
Sitting me down in the living room floor, I looked around. "WOW, what a great place.  Why haven't I been asked in here before?" While I was taking in the sites, the family quickly moved a table out of the way.  Behind it cowered my mouse. The mouse looked at me and I looked at all of the humans.
 "I've had enough today."
 "Besides it has dog slobber on it."

So back outside I went!
I'm seriously unappreciated.

The oldest son, grabbed the mouse (gloved hand of course) and threw the mouse into the the ditch lillies.  "Gee, thanks" I thought to myself.  Needless to say, the mouse was my next morning's meal since he was no longer covered with dog slobber...


  1. Reminds me of when our Ella brought a chipmunk into the house. I enjoyed the story. Glad the mouse was dispatched.

  2. Great story; love the cat's perspective!

  3. Having hamsters in my elementary classroom has cured me of squeamishness around any rodent, especially mice. So, I kinda feel sorry for the little fellow. Cute kitty though.


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