A Kid's Snowman Painting Party

I teach a little boy's class at our home school co-op.
It's full of 3rd through 5th grade boys
and it's so much fun since my own boys aren't little anymore.

original snowman painting here

Yesterday, to celebrate the Christmas season, 
we ditched the regular classwork and had a party ~
A Snowman Painting Party.

I did some decorating to make the classroom cute.

I printed labels for the Melted Snowman water bottles.

Drew snowman faces on the rinse cups for their paint brushes.

And made some marshmallow snowman treats with the help of edible markers.  We used the mini marshmallows to play bingo while their paintings dried.

A few treats to take home:
Candy dipped Oreos
again decorated with edible marker faces

All of the ideas came from Pinterest.  

They did a great job on their paintings!  Their moms were so impressed with their artistic ability.  What can I say, I have great boys in my class!


  1. And they have a creative and generous teacher!

  2. What fun!!!!!!! You may have given me an idea for our staff Christmas party.

  3. What great ideas and I agree, what a great teacher. How cute is that Melted Snowman label? I am taking for my 1st grader's Christmas party this week. Thank you for sharing and Merry Christmas!


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