Chicks Venturing Out

The little chicks are starting to venture out
into the sunshine on our warmer winter days.

 Now 8 weeks old, the Dixie Delawares are 
fully feathered, and growing by the minute.

I love watching them discover new things.

A cheerful look brings joy to the heart,
and good news gives health to the bones.
Proverbs 15:30


  1. hi Kim, I found your blog recently. The chicks are indeed charming. I find that I want to do some research on this breed, maybe I would enjoy adding them to our flock. Thanks for sharing. Best, Kim

  2. Hey Kim, aww what cute chicks! Looks like a lovely day for a stroll.

  3. Kim, chickens are SO CUTE when they are discovering life outside the hen house! They make me laugh so hard the way they cock their little heads!!! :-) Cute pictures. - Dori -

  4. Just a random y'all have any issues with predators getting into the chicken coop?

    1. No, but we lock up the chickens every night when it gets dark and let them out in the morning. There is no way for predators to get in the coop. There is hardware cloth over the windows in each end and the ventilation up by the rafter tails is small enough that no critters can get through but big enough that air flows.


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