Homeschooling through High School

I've added a new page.

Homeschooling ~
is not something that I talk about a lot on the blog
but it's certainly a foundation in our family.
This year marks our fourteenth year in our homeschooling journey.
I can't believe it ~ 14!  That makes me feel old.

For homeschool parents, these are the finishing years:
 as we round the corner and see the finish line,
as we finish and fine tune attributes in our children's lives
and finally we send them out into the world
praying that we have given them a firm foundation.

I've been asked to do a post specifically on homeschooling in high school.  Until now, I have felt ill equipped to give advice or encouragement on the subject but with one in college, one finishing his senior year, and the youngest rounding the corner with the first glimpses of that finish line, I find that I do have some things to say about the course that we find ourselves on.



  1. We homeschooled all three of our girls all the way through school. All three went on to finish college and are happy, healthy and is a life style like none other. But it is so difficult to have them leave and your home empty...something no one talks about. Dianntha


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