Homeschooling ~ Sharing a Simple Goal

Today is the first day of our homeschooling year.  As I sit here, planning and organizing, I think about what has been the most important in our journey of our children's education.
I am entering my 16th year and with only 3 more years to go, I often reflect on that journey.  Through this blog, I am asked questions about our homeschooling life and experience from people far and near, not because I am an expert by any means! It's only because I have walked this path with my children for a long time and hopefully, prayerfully they are better for it.  

Today, it was on my heart to share one of our homeschooling goals for our boys.  I believe it's essential to success in any endeavor. It's something that we have tried to incorporate into our homeschool life.  It's especially important when it comes to homeschooling in high school and it's not found in any curriculum or textbook.
You see ~ it's a concept and it's very simple really!

One of our goals has always been for our boys to become independent self teachers in their high school years.  Please do not think however that this means they are not taught or that they can do whatever they want.  It does NOT mean that!  It DOES mean that the teaching role for most subjects becomes more of overseeing, grading, encouraging and stepping in when assistance is needed.  

The basic goal is this:
 To learn they can pick up
ANY book
at ANY time
and learn ANYthing
on their own.

I believe, this is a life skill ~ one they will use for the rest of their lives.
 When they enter college or the work force, this is a skill they must have to succeed.  A university professor or an employment supervisor will not stand over them and help them with everything.  Far from it! With the ability to self teach, a world of opportunities opens from them.

 The process starts in junior high by letting them grade some of their own math and correct problems missed or scheduling their daily assignments with your help. It also begins by having them research something that they are particularly interested in.  Having this basic goal in mind allows the homeschool teacher the freedom to allow the student to start teaching themselves.  It's a gradual process of letting go and letting them be responsible while gaining confidence at home. Then one day while in high school, they ask to order a college textbook to study on their own!  This one basic goal gives them skills for a lifetime of learning.

Homeschool Graduation 2015

In many ways, my husband and I have applied this in our own lives by building our farm and our new life on it. Raised as city kids, we knew nothing about agriculture and animals.  But we've studied and researched and learned.  Then we applied this knowledge by building and raising, trying and sometimes failing.  The rewards of that are a beautiful farm with horses, sheep, buzzing bees, and chickens pecking in the grass.  Creating this place we now call home all began with knowing and practicing this basic skill of self teaching.

And so, as school begins again and you may be an overwhelmed homeschool parent, know that it doesn't happen overnight but it will happen. You can teach your children to be self teachers and they will be better for it!

Proverbs 21:5
The plans of the diligent lead surely to advantage...


  1. What a satisfying job that must be to take on the role of teacher to your children. Scary, but so satisfying when it works. You are to be admired.
    I wish I could have homeschooled but way back when, there wasn't the support and references of the online community. I'm not sure I could have done it.


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