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Colonel Brandon

All of our roosters have been named after Jane Austen characters.  First there was Mr. Darcy but he became to proud and was prejudice against me. Willoughby was a gorgeous guy but too wild to live a quiet life on the farm.  This time, I picked from the thirteen roosters that we had in our all pullet straight run order.  I carefully chose a nice looking guy but not the most impressive.  I looked for a quiet demeanor that might develop into a mild mannered and dignified man. He's since grown up and caring for his ladies, calling them when he finds good things to eat, reprimanding them when they stay out too late, even fighting off a hawk who dared to enter the chicken run.  As long as I don't make eye contact, he is not bothered when I trespass on his land but he does jump up on the fence and crow. For now, he will remain at Pemberley.  So far, so good.  So, Colonel Brandon it is! 
Mark 14:72 Immediately the rooster crowed the second time.  Then Peter remembered the word Jesus ha…

Homeschooling ~ Sharing a Simple Goal

Today is the first day of our homeschooling year.  As I sit here, planning and organizing, I think about what has been the most important in our journey of our children's education. I am entering my 16th year and with only 3 more years to go, I often reflect on that journey.  Through this blog, I am asked questions about our homeschooling life and experience from people far and near, not because I am an expert by any means! It's only because I have walked this path with my children for a long time and hopefully, prayerfully they are better for it.  
Today, it was on my heart to share one of our homeschooling goals for our boys.  I believe it's essential to success in any endeavor. It's something that we have tried to incorporate into our homeschool life.  It's especially important when it comes to homeschooling in high school and it's not found in any curriculum or textbook.
You see ~ it's a concept and it's very simple really!

One of our goals has alw…