Think It's Spring

I do believe it's spring.
Even here in Oklahoma, it's early,
but it's welcome!

Signs are everywhere on the farm.
700 newly planted daffodils, tulips and hyacinths
are pushing their way up from the ground
and basking in the warm sun.
Crickets are chirping.
Flies are buzzing.
There are even a few ladybugs in the garden.

The most welcome sight is the flurry of activity
around the bee hives.
They have been busy bringing in pollen
which is a sign that there are baby bees to feed.
(see the white bundles on the bee's sides in the photo above?)
Each of the hives has already built a new comb.
Since the first winter is the hardest for a bee colony,
we are very thankful the bees made it through til spring!


  1. 700 bulbs wow that is going to be so beautiful. Sounds wonderful...we are only seeing daffodils coming up bugs yet. Enjoy your early Spring Kim.

  2. Impressive amount of bulbs, that will be some show. We have had a grand show of daffodils, which is very early.

  3. I can't imagine what that many flowers will look like. I do well to have 5 or 6 in my yard. I am not a gardening genius.

  4. I love the shot of the bloom bursting out of the dry soil. The energy of life will not be swayed.

    Your beehive is gorgeous! I was wondering what the white bundles were. Fascinating!
    Happy early spring!

    1. It is pollen ~ probably from the ornamental pear trees that are in full bloom here.

  5. I enjoy watching my bees. It is soothing. I was happy to see that they have made it through the winter.

  6. Hello Kim!

    I can't wait to see some pictures of your beautiful flowers in bloom this spring... oh is it going to be amazing!

    Love your bee pictures and video! How exciting - be sure to share some more bee stories! Love them.

    Hugs to you - Dori -

  7. We're having a heat wave today and it's 50 degrees. Honeybees are all over the maple taps we just made in the sugar maples. Love seeing these guys out this early but hope it doesn't turn real cold again and lose the only hive we have left. Happy Spring!

  8. I'm loving spring, too, this year. Hope you daffies are up.

    1. Not yet blooming but they are growing fast!


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