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Spring Storm

Many of our Oklahoma spring storms 
are dangerous. This one was not;
it was strong but in a gentle glorious sort of way.

We sat on the porch and ate apple pie 
while we watched it roll in.
The swirl was circulation but it didn't circle much.
With the storm came much needed rain for our pastures.

yearling four horn Jacob Sheep ram

Meanwhile, there is a different sort of Storm 
developing on the farm.
Painted Rock Storm, one of the ram lambs 
that we brought in from West Virginia last year,
 is growing into a gorgeous guy.
I love his sweeping rainbow shaped horns.


  1. I find watching the sky to be fascinating, especially as storms roll by.
    Your ram is gorgeous... er, handsome!

  2. That is one handsome ram. Mmmm Apple pie sounds wonderful. Have a wonderful weekend Kim.


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