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Queen of the Coop

Lizzie, dear Lizzie.   She been here from the very beginning ~  from my very first flock of chickens over five years ago.   She's an Americana and an old girl now.   Her pretty blue eggs are a thing of the past  but she's still spry and spoiled.

Everyday she hops over the fence and  free ranges where ever she chooses.   We don't stop her because she's too special for that!   The other chickens line up along their fence  and wonder how she got out.   I think she does it just to remind them that she may be old  but she's still queen of the coop.

More about why Lizzie is special: My Lap Chicken

Times are Changing

In 2016, we will go from a full nest to one chick.  Our feathers are a little ruffled because of it. The boys are becoming men and moving out to make lives of their own.  It's exciting to see but frightening for us as parents too. Just last week, our middle son jumped out of the nest and flew 1500 miles away. He has accepted an internship at an prominent english equestrian barn in Nevada.  It was a big leap but he was ready.

 Later this year our oldest has plans of moving out as he finishes his pre-med bachelor's degree and prepares to attend medical school. That will leave our youngest and it probably won't be long til he follows his brothers down the road and away from everyday farm life.

It's time for us as a couple to decide where to focus our time and attention on the farm.  Since moving here, so much of what we have done was for the boys ~ animals they wanted to raise or projects they wanted to try.   Times are changing in the little red farmhouse and we must c…