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Simplifying Our Life

Last year was full of transition.
Well, really just one big change that seems to have changed everything.
(This accounts for my lack of posting.)
Two of our boys have grown up and moved out
to start life on their own.

This of course brought many challenges
the largest of which is helping our boys "adult"
and transition successfully into the world.
Thankfully, they are doing great.
Our oldest was just accepted into medical school!
Our middle is working as a young professional equestrian.
Our youngest is at home finishing high school and planning for college.

They have grown up a lot since then.

Times have changed since we built the farm.
We find ourselves without farm hands
and have decided to downsize considerably.

The vegetable garden and flower garden are gone
along with the hours of work that they required to maintain them.
The horse is leased out and our pet goat found a new home.
We have decided to no longer raise our own meat ~
so no more cattle, dairy cows, meat chickens or pigs.
(Well maybe a pet pig for my hubby who loves them!)

And the sheep...
Our flock of Jacob Sheep have all been sold
and are waiting to be transported to three different states.
They have been such a learning experience for us.
The sheep have helped us understand why people are compared to sheep
in the Bible so many times and why God is called our Good Shepherd.
So many Biblical life lessons that we have had the privilege
to live out right here in our pasture!
We will miss them but it's time to let them go.
It's time for someone else to live life as their shepherd.

We don't regret any of what we have done.
And we're not giving it all up completely.

Simplifying our life ~
That's what we are doing ~
Making our little farm manageable and enjoyable for the two of us!

Stop by the Little Red Farmhouse soon
to see what we will focus on now...


  1. What handsome young men your boys are ( for our sons are always our 'boys' )and how blessed you are they are such good young men.

    We've downsized quite a bit these last few years but I can't quite give up my flock of Jacob sheep and hope to be able to keep them for many more years. Still, I understand the seasons of life so often call us to reflect on what is needful and necessary as we carry on in life pursuing the path God would have for us. Blessings to you and your family !

    1. Thank you Kathy for the sweet words!

  2. It has certainly been a time of transition for you. It sounds like your boys are all following their paths, and that must give you a great deal of joy.
    Keeping that joy front and center is a bit easier with less to manage.
    Continued blessings...

  3. It seems that it was just yesterday that the boys were just typical young teens that were learning the fantastic life that a farm can bring them. I am glad that they are transitioning well.
    I will look forward to your new adventures.

  4. Kim, all the credit goes to you and your husband for raising outstanding young men. Children are a product of their homes. What handsome boys they have grown into be. A handsome couple you are as well. Wow, what wonderful changes you all have made. Simplifying is always the best decision that anyone could make, it makes all the difference in life. Looking forward to see how life is on your beautiful farm, I hope you still wear boots and aprons. :)

  5. Can't wait to read about the next chapter! Sounds more like a different book altogether without the boys, the sheep, the chickens, the horses....

  6. Living true to yourselves and new way of life is what matters. Good luck to you and cant wait to see the changes.

  7. Looking forward to see what's next. But no horse? How can it be good without a horse?

  8. To everything there is a season. love you all! Alice

  9. Wow, this brings me to tears, just because I've been feeling the growing pains of my boys getting older and realizing that it's soon going to be just my husband and I and when you live on land, have an old farmhouse and animals, it's a lot of work!

    I'm anxious to come back and see what your next season will hold.

    Blessings :)

  10. What a very nice blog to read and visit!!! Good luck to you on your new way. I can't wait to read more:)

  11. This is a late comment! My life, too, has changed so much.. Two years ago, we moved, 'lost' two of our children, and left our home on our island, moved to the mainland of Scotland, and everything has 'downsized'. Our house, the number of people living here, the number of visitors to our home.... all change! I blogged about Change: Friend or Foe? a while back, and it's taken quite some adjusting to. Glad to see you're still blogging. I'm looking up my old blogging 'friends', only to find most haven't posted in a couple of years :O .... Disaster!
    Love, Anne x

  12. Kim,
    We were at the farmer's market this morning and saw some products that made me think you your family and farm (you were gracious enough to invite us out to see your home after I had stumbled across it online a few years back).
    I thought I'd see what you guys had been up to, as I hadn't looked at your site in a year or two... Wow, so many changes! I can't believe how much your boys have grown! Congratulations on homeschooling success and raising Godly young men. My daughter Peyton ran into your middle son at a riding clinic a couple of years ago, although she couldn't place who he was until it was almost over. I'm a little sad to see that you've let your beautiful flock go, but I can certainly understand why. Not only are they missed, kids can leave a huge gap in help when they head out to start life on their own :)
    Blessings to your family in all that God has for you in this new season!
    Anita Taylor

    1. So glad to hear from you again Anita. Hope we will meet again someday.


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