Typical Monday

Running here, running there.
After lunch I needed to take one of the boys to a homeschool class.
I always try to look nice when I go there.
You know, my one day out that I see my peers.
Grab my cute brown denim jacket on my way out the door...

"What?  There's chicken poop on the front of it!"
"Great."  I run to closet to get something else that would match my outfit.
My well loved gray sweatshirt is the only other thing that will do.
**Sniff, sniff**
"Oh no!  It smells like goats!"  I played with the little goat guys yesterday in that.
Run to the bathroom for a little Bath & Body Vanilla perfume.
That's better ~ I think.

Off we go...
Jump in the truck.
Forgetting that I picked up hay this morning at the feed store, I rolled down the windows.
  As soon as I hit the gas, the stray hay swept through the truck
and into my hair.
"Good grief!  Now I smell like goats & vanilla and have hay in my freshly curled hair!"
This is not a glamorous life I lead.


  1. LOL....a good chuckle for my evening. :-)

  2. LOL. I'll take happy over glamorous any day.

  3. Wow.....you sound just like me!!!! I was in with the goats last night grooming and playing with them and kept smelling something awful, I kept trying to figure out which one was smelling so bad.....low and behold it was ME!!!!!! I had nasty stinking chicken poop on my boot....I had just been over at the chickens barn locking them up.......the lives we lead, but wouldn't want it any other way!

  4. Thank you for the giggle. We are all so glamorous in our own ways.:)

  5. *Laughing*
    I remember those days. Nothing like arriving at work with baby poop under your finger nails and some sort of evil slime down the front of your dress!
    You won an award!
    I passed on the "One Lovely Blog" award to you. I really like your blog and think it is truly lovely! A nice reflection of its author!
    You can see more about the award at: http://livingadream2.blogspot.com/2011/10/lovely-blog-and-welcome.html

  6. Haha that sounds like me!!!

    Big hugs

  7. Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting - sounds like quite the life you've got!

  8. You'd be stylish and welcome 'round these parts any day! Wish we could be neighbors! We just picked up our doe from being bred... Now *that's* an AWFUL SMELL. And I have to snuggle up close to milk her 2/x daily... To think, last weekend we were at a black tie wedding and today I have hay in my hair, muck on my boots and funk in my clothes. On second thought, bet *you're* happy we're *not* neighbors! ;-)

  9. Welcome to the country life! I feel the same way some days!

  10. Oh, you really are making me smile tonight!


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