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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Which dining chairs?

Help us pick ~ please!  Two out of three of our antique chairs have fallen apart in the last month.  We want to purchase three chairs for one side of the table and put the black arm chairs on the ends (with new fabric seats). We have several that we like.  Each of us has our own favorites, of course. 

First, here is our table ~ 
Pine, farmhouse style, tapered legs, very simple, dark wood knots that add lots of character.

Second, a distressed pine wood bench that our kids have been sitting at since they could climb up there.  It's a permanent piece in our house for sentimental reasons.

Lastly,  black Napoleon style chairs that my hubby really doesn't like but they are staying for budget reasons and because we want to have a mismatched look.

I believe we have narrowed it down to three choices.  So cast your votes and help us decide.

Choice #1
Crate & Barrel Delta
1950's aluminum bargain at $99 each
coordinate with barstools in kitchen that we love

Choice #2
Pottery Barn Isabella
cute and colorful
one each of red, green, and brown
$139 each

Choice #3
Pottery Barn Stella
in mahogany stain
classic, simple, but most expensive at $199 each

Keep in mind that our house has some contemporary accents like keyless light fixtures and interior barn doors but we also have traditional furniture. 

 Take a stroll through the house if you want.
The living, dining, and kitchen are all completly open to each other, so keep that in mind too.
And when you know which you would pick, comment below or vote in the poll in the sidebar.
Thanks, blog friends!


  1. #3 is my first choice - nice and solid and classic. #1 is my next - especially since they coordinate with the bar stools. #2-i'm not a fan of the wicker seats. just not comfortable to me - especially in shorts season.

  2. Wow Kim you make it hard to decide! I agree with TexWisGirl about #3 being classic and they also look well made. I also agree about #1 because you already have the bar stools. I like the wicker seats with the different colors but they don't look as though they'd hold up as well as the other two choices. I think you like the industrial look the best...but I guess we'll see ;) Have fun reading the comments and then deciding! What ever you choose will be PERFECT for you :)

  3. #2 is my first choice,the curved back is quite similar to your existing chairs back and compliments them.
    #3 is my second choice...I don't think that #1 would go with the table and existing chairs as nicely..

  4. The kids would probably tip over the aluminum ones. #3 chairs look sturdier and will probably last longer than the cheaper ones.

  5. Although I also like #3 for the reasons already stated in the other comments, I would pick the metal ones. They go with the bar stools but are far enough away to not be matchy matchy. Also, they definitely have a modern/industrial look. Is there any way you could do a 'sit' test and see which is most comfortable? Love the bench, btw, and that you are going for a mismatched look.

  6. I like #2 best with your decor, but #3 would also look nice in a fancier sort of way. I think #1 would be too much of a good thing.

    I don't think I've commented before, just found your blog recently through Amy at Homestead Revival's goat pen post. We're down south of you in Lawton and hoping to possibly build in a year or two...your house and taste is right up our alley so we've been looking and drooling. Beautiful job!

  7. Pottery Barn is my favorite chair, BUT I think the first group #1 would pick up your barstools. I'd go with that!

    Like your table, too!

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  9. I like #2 they are classic.

  10. I'd go with Stella. Classic, and they look really solid. Love Pottery Barn!!!

  11. 1 or 2. For some reason 3 seems too much. Don't know why, just going with my gut.

  12. #2 was my first choice, until I saw your stools.Then... I decided I liked #3, too.

  13. #2 will give you the more casual mismatched look you want and I would definitely go with one in each color!

  14. I think that if you want whimsy then I vote 2 but if you want a chair that you will have for years I vote 3. Dianntha

  15. I like #2 for the colors--#3 because they should last a really really long time. However, I'd be tempted to find them where used office furnishings are sold--could probably get a better price for equally or more sturdy.

  16. any of the three choices would look great. I'd go for the most comfortable on the fanny.

  17. I like #2, but #1 would tie the barstools in. You can't make a bad choice.

  18. I LOVE the Crate and Barrel chairs. Your house is just lovely!!


  19. I like #2 and the choice of different colors. Your house is lovely!

  20. I've gone for the aluminium ones as I think they will look such a great contrast to your other 2 types of chairs and also tie your setting in with your bar stools. I know you will ultimately choose the ones that you really like the most..and do well.

  21. First off I love your home and how you decorate!

    I chose #1....would tie in your bar stools and #1 choice is different, quirky and clean lines, but yet makes a statement...which is what your home seems to me, it makes such a statement...Less Is More! I would love to start over with my house and use you as my decorator!
    Which ever you go with will look great!

  22. Mom, I vote for #1. However, since I've been relegated to the bench my vote probably doesn't count.

  23. Yikes, this was a hard decision! I originally was all for the aluminum chairs but then immediately changed my mind and voted for the Isabella chairs. But I think any of these options would be lovely! Good luck!

  24. #2 would be my first choice but as another reader mentioned, I'm not sure how well they'll hold up.

  25. Either 2 or 3, but in black - mismatched but coordinated.

  26. I realize you've gotten so many comments already, but I'm just now reading your post. We have a farmhouse and bought a huge farm table from IKEA. We have 2 red, wooden chairs, 4 brown ones that were David's grandparents (old), and 2 new ones that came as a match for the table.
    If I had to choose for you, I would definitely choose the wooden colored ones (choice #2, I believe).

  27. I think #2, but can I just say... Your house is absolutely gorgeous. I. love. it. x

  28. #3 is my choice. I like #2 seats, but not with food and drink on them. It would be my nightmare to figure out how to get spills off. I spill as much as the kids do...It is winter here and the #1 look like they just might be cold when I sit down in my PJs. Maybe not, just my thot!!
    Have a great day

  29. I kind of like the Wynn Ladderback PB black side chairs as they remind me a bit of "farm chairs" and they have scooped seats.

    The black chairs you own already have a "horizontal" going on and that might look good around the table...

    Otherwise... I think I would choose the wicker and you can always put a chair cushion on them...

    You have such great taste! I can't wait to see what you select!

  30. I like the 3rd set and the 1st of chairs. They would both look very nice in your home.

  31. I would actually vote for none, in favor of sourcing locally made furniture. All of the furniture in my house is hand built in Pennsylvania by the Amish/Mennonite communities. It is the highest quality furniture I've found and is often cheaper than what the mega retailers sell. We as a country, send far too much money to foreign countries - we must do everything possible to support our local economies.

  32. I love the pottery barn chairs in mixmatched colors. I may look at those for my new farmhouse table when my husband gets a chance to make it!! :)


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