Spring Garden

Yes, it's time ~ at least in Oklahoma.

We've always done a summer garden
and have grown beets, potatoes, & onions a few times.
But this is our first attempt to do a full spring planting.
This weekend, our family worked together digging in the dirt.

The beds are full of seeds and small plants
just waiting to burst forth in the cool weather.
At least we hope so!

So what's in the garden?
Lettuce ~ 3 varieties
Onions ~ Texas Sweet, of course
Potatoes ~ red, yukon, & kennebec
Swiss Chard ~ red, white, & bright lights
Sugar Snap Peas
English Peas
Brussel Sprouts (have you tried them roasted?)
and my husband's favorite,
lots and lots of beets.

We also worked on my cottage flower garden.  Cleaning all the dead stuff away, we found more shoots of green coming up than we thought.  

It's cold out
and it seems early
but it was fun to dig into the dirt
and get ready for spring.

The Lord will guide you always,
he will satisfy your needs
in a sun scorched land
and will strengthen your frame.
You will be like a well-watered garden,
like a spring whose waters never fail
Isaiah 58:11


  1. Enjoy the first plantings. Since moving from Kansas to Maine it has been the only thing I still struggle with after eight years; such a late and short garden season. Your garden sounds delicious; may your bounty be plentiful.

  2. It is going to be great seeing the seedlings sprout. We are still in full winter with lots of snow but looking forward to our spring.

  3. I plant brussell sprouts every year around the first of September and they are ready in Febuary. I did have to cover the garden alot this winter, but they made it! I'm harvesting some tonight for dinner! I need to get my potatoes and onions in this week too! Your garden looks great!

  4. *sigh* we are still buried in snow with nmore on the way. Enjoy planting! I am just beginning to look at seed catalogs!!

  5. We had some light snow last week, and are supposed to get a large snow storm on Thursday. You are lucky...I can't wait to get in the dirt!

  6. It's amazing to see you planting...we were at 13 degrees last night, and it will mid-May before it's safe to plant in our part of the Midwest. Enjoy your bit of spring fever!

  7. The soil looks so rich and smooth. I have always liked the feel of the fresh turned soil between my fingers. It is wonderful the family planted together. At harvest you will all enjoy the fruits of your labor. Blessings!

  8. Is this the first time you are using raised beds? The soil looks amazing! Enjoy!

  9. Thanks for the compliments girls! We have used the raised beds before but we worked the soil over the winter. With all the animals on the farm we collect a lot of manure. After cleaning out the horse pastures of extra hay and poo last spring, we let it sit in a pile all summer. In the fall, when the compost wasn't hot, we added wheelbarrows full to the garden beds. We raised the soil line about 2 inches. That rested through the winter. Then this weekend the boys roto-tilled it in really good. It made a huge difference in the way the dirt looks and feels. We are hoping that amending the soil like this will help with the overall health of the plants. We don't have a lot of experience with this so we will see...

  10. Only a dream here. We still have several feet of snow. It is nice to live through your photos.


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