Welcome to the Little Red Farmhouse!
Let us introduce ourselves.

 husband and best friend of 30 years
 creative designer of both houses and all the animal shelters 
manager of our small manufacturing business
holder of 5 US patents
  leader of our boys
 follower of God

old fashioned inside
modern outside
domestic enthusiast
shepherdess & handspinner
Jane Austen fan

Jared (J3) - 19 yrs old:
 college boy
etiquette ambassador
family baker
future lawyer

Jonah (J2): 21 yrs old
homeschool graduate
Police recruit
TIG welder
work out enthusiast

Jake (J1): 24 yrs old
homeschool graduate
Medical student
General Falconer
Eagle Scout

When we were first married, Wayne and I saw a family with 3 teenage boys stair-stepped in height going into a restaurant. He turned to me and said, "Is that what you want?" The thought scared me to death but I knew in my heart that was what we would have. In that moment, God started preparing me for the boys we would raise into young men.  We are beyond blessed!