We bought this 9 acre property when it was being used as a dumping ground for a landscape company.  It looked terrible!  With a dilapidated fence and weeds nearly 8 feet high, we had quite a clean up job to do.  The location however was great being close to highways and 3 miles from a major shopping area.  Even in city limits our farm still feels very rural. 

I remind you, we had always lived in a city neighborhood and had no experience with farm life.  And yet we charged ahead to build a hobby farm.  My husband's parents wanted more space too so they entered into this adventure with us. We have always been close to them running a family business together and figured that as they got older and might need help, this made the most sense.

The little blue farmhouse next door
Clean up began with brush hogging, spraying, and tilling under the ground.  All of it!  We rolled up rusty barbed wire and cut down scraggly trees.  Then we sprigged the whole acreage with Tifton 44 bermuda grass and prayed for rain.  And it did.

One year later we began building our farmhouses, putting up Kentucky horse fencing and preparing for animals.

We've put up a lot of fencing.

We built an riding arena and a 60 foot round pen for the horses

and a chicken coop for the hens.

Recently we built a pig pen and horse shelter.  We have plans to build a goat shed and pen very soon.

There is a flower garden and a vegetable patch where the bunnies like to live.

Life on a farm is a lot of work but we consider ourselves blessed. 

We have beautiful sunsets to watch

and a pond view in the backyard.

It's just a little hobby farm

where we fly our flag everyday and thank God for the opportunity to live here.