Ikea Kitchen Storage

I love Ikea kitchen storage!  We have a very traditional farmhouse kitchen with white shaker cabinets and butcher block countertops (from Lumber Liquidators, by the way) but to add a bit of contemporary to the room, Ikea did the trick.  All of my common utensils are hanging at arms length.  The magnetic knife bar is great!  I have cake decorating tips and mini cookie cutters in the round compartments.  They are magnetic too.  On one wall we have a pine cabinet with a painted black top.  We wanted it too look like a piece of furniture.  It kind of does.  But what I really like is the Ikea metal shelving above it.  It is really handy to have bowls and platters right there to grab when it's time to serve.  I bought all of these on Ebay from a lady that will go to the store and send you whatever you want.  Love her for that!  Love Ikea kitchen storage too!  Don't you?


  1. I love your house! And your kitchen looks great. I love the magnetic knife bar.

  2. Thanks, Katiegirl! I'm glad you like it. Happy 1 yr. with your hubby! Choose to love everyday and you will have 21 yrs (like us)in no time at all.


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