J Murphy Blacksmith sign

Do you tear pages out of magazines and catalogs and store them away in a dream book?
Years before we built our house, I started this.  Many of the pictures I saved were not the style of our home then. Still, I loved them.  Not surprisingly, many were farmhouse style.

Recognize the light fixture on this page?

One of the very first catalog pages I ripped out was of this J Murphy Blacksmith sign from Ethan Allen.
I didn't have horses ~ didn't have rustic accessories ~ didn't have a farmhouse.
Still I LOVED it!

It was one of the first purchases for our new home.  Hubby bought it for me for my birthday a few weeks after we moved in. 

Our farmhouse wouldn't be the same without it.


  1. Love the sign,glad you hubby was so thoughtful to get it for you.

  2. Yes, I did that for two or three years before we built our house. Still do it for decorating ideas and such. My hubby told me since we were done with our house that we can now get rid of it. "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!"

  3. I used to have a large folder of house things that I thought I could use when we renovated the house. Eighteen years later I have no idea where the folder is and renovations have just begun. Better late than never!

  4. PS- congrats on 200 followers!

  5. I've seen this sign too, I love it!!!.. great addition to your farmhouse.

  6. Wayne is such a great gift giver! So very thoughtful. Love the sign.

  7. Love that sign, and am mentally thinking of a way I can recapture the look... only personalizing it with MY blacksmith's name.. lol. I have so many ideas, yet very few get accomplished (sigh). Thanks for sharing.. it is perfect in your home. -Tammy

  8. I save pictures out of magazines too! And I love the Ethan Allen sign. We don't have horses (yet) but I'm drawn to horse paintings and decor as well. And I love your blog, I found it via Faded Country. Happy weekend to you.:)

  9. I keep magazine pictures too. Sometimes just for the "feel" of a room or space not anything specific! I've amassed quite the collection over the years... some ideas we've used, some not! In our prior home, we remodeled our bathroom complete with new tile, jacuzzi tub, etc. I purchased a new shower curtain that I based all the colors on. My to my surprise, a few months later there was a picture in Country Living that was almost identical... right down to the shower curtain!


  10. Yes I tore out magazine photo's too. My taste changed over the years but I have always loved vintage and antiques no matter what style I was 'into' at the time. Farmhouse was always a favorite of mine. Love that sign and the light is really growing on me. I agree with you...it has a very vintage look but also very contemporary. It totally suits your home and you all love it and that's what's important! Your hubby has good taste ;)
    Maura :)


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