Favorite Farmhouse Feature - Interior Barn Doors

Our second farmhouse feature is definitely a favorite! 

The barn doors throughout our house command attention and are the subject of much conversation when people visit the Red Farmhouse.  We had seen lots of pictures on the internet of barn doors but no practial intructions on how to make them work in our home. Problem solving all the little details to install them was worth it because we love them!
Do you want to see how we did it? 

When we built the house, we opted not the frame the doorways for typical doors. Although the opening is the same, ours were sheet rocked instead of trimmed.  The baseboards wrap continuously through the doorway openings (see below).

You may also notice that the doors needed something to butt up to so there wouldn't be a gap to peek through.  This was achieved by adding a trim board up the wall just like the ones the the rails run on.

The rails are galvanized.  These are the same ones that can be purchased a Tractor Supply for barns.  Wanting an industrial look, the rugged galvanized metal fit right in and they didn't cost an arm and a leg!

 Hanging from the brackets are 7 foot solid core door panels painted white.  We choose classic 5 panel doors for a slightly old fashioned look.  Being solid core makes the doors have a weighty feel as you slide them open and closed which I feel is a must for a barn door.

To secure the doors from swinging out at the bottom, we added rollers.  Hubby had to retrofit these since we have concrete floors.  Stops keep the door from opening too far and falling off the rail.

A few of the barn doors are doubles.  For these we added a small trim board to one side (left in pic above) so there would be no crack in the middle to peek through.

And the thick leather handles are my favorite part!  They are replacement handles for antique luggage and trunks.  Custom made for our doors, we got to choose the color and thickness.  (I have to tell you though, the man in Pennsylvania thought I was a total hick when I told him I was putting his handles on barn doors in my house!)

On the opposite sides of the doors we needed some way to open them.  There wasn't enough room to put handles on both sides so we decided on these finger pulls.  Only they aren't really finger pulls.  They are the pieces that door knobs attach to.  We purchased them from Restoration Hardware to get the finishes that we wanted for each room.

And that's it ~ Interior Barn Doors.
They make a big farmhouse statement.


  1. I love your doors and especially the leather pulls. Now to find that money tree to build my dream house and incorporate your ideas. Love your blog and I'm a faithful follower.

  2. I think your doors are fabulous and I for sure want them in my some day home! You have such a great blog and such a wonderful cozy home!

  3. very cool! your hubby is very handy!

  4. I have been wanting these for two years.
    When we renovated I thought my double french doors were beautiful,but now I find them a pain.
    I really want to swap to barn doors.
    I have not seen leather handles,what a great idea!!

  5. what a beautiful home you have! i stumbled upon your blog from mrs. leotin's blog where you commented. i was drawn to reading more from your profile, i noticed you were a homeschool mom and ranchers wife! i hope to have a farm\ranch someday:) and i'm homeschooled, so my mom is a homeschool mom too:) i live in the country and we have two quarter horses. i look forward to reading your blog and about your life more!

  6. Woah buddy--that is SUCH a cool idea! I am really loving these farmhouse feature posts, keep 'em coming!

  7. I remember seeing these doors when I first "toured" your house in the internet last year. So cool! I still love all your details and that you're revisiting the special pieces. And the pet goats..love them!

  8. Good to know that this can be accomplished on the cheap!

    I've been wanting to do this to our upstairs bathroom since the door swings out into the landing & everywhere I looked the hardware kits were pri-cy!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. I love these, and have often wondered how to do it!


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