Walk Around the Farm

Wayne and I have always taken drives in the country even before we were married, dreaming about the day we would have a little place like the one we have now.  It's been a long journey that has brought us to where we are today.

Three years ago we were building our farmhouse, today we have finished building our farm.  Our family has gone from living in a neighborhood with two dogs and a swimming pool to having an old fashioned farm with all kinds of animals.  Life has changed so much.  We have grown in ways I never would have imagined!  It's been hard work because life is not all dreamy on a farm.  Animals get sick, fences need to be repaired, painting is endless!

The rewards, however, are great ~ simple but great ~ greater than I ever could have imagined.
Listening to the rooster crow while drinking coffee
on the front porch,
eating a prime rib from a steer we raised,
hand spinning yarn from our own sheep's wool,
sharing fresh farm eggs with anyone that comes to visit,
hanging over the fence and petting our horses,
discovering a daylily blooming in the garden,
walking back to the house from locking up the gate at night
& seeing the farmhouse lit up from within with stars overhead,
sharing all of this as a family ~
These are the things that make me happy here at the farm. 
We are blessed indeed to call this our home.

Let me take you on a walk around the farm...

From the front gate, our road leads to both houses.
Three pastures on the left and one on the right, each one being about one acre.

We try to leave one pasture open for rotational grazing with the horses. 

Bobbi, such a good mare.

The vegetable garden is surrounded by wisteria growing on the fence and knockout rose bushes. Gravel lined pathways help it look organized and make the veggies accessible without walking in the dirt.

Our new equipment barn is really a large three sided shed.  It has open tailed rafters and a roof to match the houses.  Someday I hope to paint a barn quilt on the side.

Mom & Dad's house ~ I just love that blue.

The cottage flower garden is fenced on the side of our house.  I love to spend time there.

Here is the barnyard.  Along the back fence we have lined up animal pens each with their own shelters.  A large animal barn is not needed in Oklahoma.  Individual mini barns allow each animal can get in out of the weather on their own if they need to.

Right now the sheep shed is housing our meat chickens and the rams are in the run-in.

Such handsome boys.

See, not everything on a farm is pretty!

At the end of the row is the chicken coop.

Down a little farther and still in the back, we have a 60' round pen and a riding arena for us to work & play with the horses.

The Jacob girls are running to say "Hello" ~ really more like "Where are our animal crackers?"
They are in the last pasture in front of the house where we can watch them from the front porch.

Daffodil ~ our first born on the farm and my personal favorite.

Next door to the ewes but soon to be moving in with them, are the alpaca guys.

And here we are, full circle, where we started.

Romans 15:13
May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him...