Little Green Eggs

Spring seems closer everyday
and I couldn't be happier about it!
And nothing says spring on a farm
like little eggs from new chickens.

Most people buy chicks in the spring
but I prefer to start them in the fall.
That way, they can grow over the winter 
and start laying first thing in the spring.

last fall's chicks all grown up now

Our young flock is made up of all Americanas.
They are one of my favorite breeds of chickens.

Lizzie, from our very first set of chicks,
is still around after six years. She helped raise the flock and has taught them to come when they are called. She also encourages them to go to bed early, something that we have never seen in our chickens before! That is really nice since we lock them up every night to protect them from predators.

We were supposed to get all pullets
but of course there were a few roosters in the group.
We finally settled on keeping this handsome guy.
He is establishing himself as the leader now.

Every one of the Americana hens has different characteristics
but they are all so pretty. It's one of the things I like best about the breed.

That and the little green eggs!

Each one should retain the place
in life that the Lord assigned to him
and to which God has called him.
I Corinthians 7:17


  1. I like to raise them in May and June so that when my older hens quit laying in the winter, the young ones pick up the pace. Americaunas are my favorite too but those ISA Browns are real egg layers. The Barred Rocks and the Sexlinks lay the biggest brown eggs. When it comes to the baking I do I really see a huge difference when I use the big brown eggs. My Americauna hen eggs seem to get larger with each year but the amount of eggs they lay each year decreases. We do love our chickens!!

  2. Green eggs and ham, anyone? Love those sweet lil' eggs!

  3. I love the colorful feathers and eggs of the Easter Eggers, but I have to say that I'm also really liking my beautiful black Australorps!

  4. My sister is the chicken rancher. Your rooster is pretty.

  5. Welcome back Kim, what a great idea of raising chicks in the winter. Looking forward to many more post.

  6. I love that Lizzie is still around and that she's teaching the girls

  7. How can we contact you guys ? We have some questions about your farmhouse. We will be building our own soon ! Thanks !


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