Shepherding Again

We have missed shepherding.
When we sold our Jacob Sheep flock a few years ago we talked about getting another breed.
Classic looking sheep, white, bigger in size, tamer in temperament.
And of course, good for fiber.

In our search, we discovered the Border Leicester breed
and fell in love with it but of course there were none in Oklahoma.
A year ago, we spoke with a breeder in Illinois.
He has the prettiest BL sheep!
I was determined that if we were going to get sheep, they would have to be from Deakin's.

A month ago, he called and asked if I was still interested because he was going to be driving through Oklahoma and could deliver them!
It worked out perfectly.
They even came with their fleeces from this year.

So here they are:
3 lovely ladies

and 1 big handsome gentleman.

They are settling in nicely
even taking treats from my hand now.
We absolutely love them!

You are my flock. The sheep of my pasture.
Ezekiel 34:30


  1. Congratulations! I understand they are also a conservation breed, which is nice to support. I look forward to spinning photos again!

    1. I'm really looking forward to working with their fiber. I'm tapestry weaving now (more on that soon!) and their fiber is perfect for that.

  2. How exciting, Kim! Isn't it wonderful when things just line up?
    Enjoy your new charges.

    1. Hi Daisy. Yes, it seemed to work out just right.

  3. They are beautiful, hope you enjoy keeping them.


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