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A few pretty things

are left in the garden.  But when I say a few, I mean very few.  Most have been burned up by the hot dry weather.

I am only watering now in hopes of saving the perrenials for next year.

Still, I'm glad for the last of the summer blooms...

until fall arrives.  I sure hope that is soon!

Changing faces on the farm

Decisions on a farm are hard sometimes especially when the decisions involve changing faces ~ faces of the animals, that is.
Through the process of trying to breed my goats (before they were ready), I have had the nagging feeling that time would be an issue when it came to milking.  And so I made a tearful decision ~ to sell them.  I love these little goats and I would like to keep them as pets.  However their breeding lines are too good for that.  They deserve to do what they were intended to do ~ milk.  And so they are leaving.    Little Joe is already in Texas getting to know his new group of girlfriends.  Cream will be going to Ohio this week.  And the girls will be boarded for a month and then take a trip to their new home in Tennessee.  I'm really happy with the people they are going to.  Still, it's hard to let go.  I know it was the right decision but it sure wasn't the popular decision here on the farm.  There will be another kind of animal that will be added soo…

County fair ribbons

Three of us entered items in the county fair this year.  We've never even been to a county fair before!  Talk about fun.

Jonah entered a wood turned pen he made on his lathe. It has a crusaders cross on it.

It won 1st place in 13-18 wood crafts.
Jared got 2nd place with his pickled okra

& not only 1st place on his amazing cinnamon rolls

but Best Baked Goods in the Junior Division!

I entered Pickled Beets and got 2nd

and  3rd with a dozen eggs.

This was a great first county fair experience. Next year I'm taking a chicken!

{Update - Sunday, August 28th}
We went back last night to pick up our items at the fair (in the midst of rodeo)
and Jared had this huge trophy waiting for him!

Good job, baker boy!

Hung out to dry

I recently found that drying clothes outside in the summer breeze takes half the time as running them through the dryer.  Half!  And it doesn't take any energy.
I decided then that our farm needed a clothesline.
 Then the dryer stopped heating, probably from overwork. Since I really don't want to mess with having it repaired this week, everything is hung out to dry.
A few things that need fluffing are going next door to Nana's dryer. {Thanks, Nana.}

Until the clothesline gets here and installed, our adirondack chairs are doing the job. I have to admit, I kind of like hanging the laundry out to dry. It feels very farmish!

School schedule

Back to school throws the house into a tizzy even for the homeschoolers.  At least for us it does.  We all have to adjust to the school schedule again.  And this year, all of the boys are taking classes away from home so it's a little crazy. 

 It's exciting, though...  new books filled backpacks sharpened pencils
I just love having the chalkboard handy so I don't miss anything. ( & I assure you, I would. )

The cranberry glass compote is a clever way to disguise the chalk and mini eraser closeby too.

Know one ever knows they are there.

Son shadowing

[Just a warning, one picture is not for the faint of heart.]   Having said that, our oldest has had a great couple of days this week shadowing at a ranch.  Shadowing is when a person watches what another does for a living to learn about their occupation. 

Jake loves working with animals and is aspiring to be a large breed animal veterinarian.  He even asked for an animal anatomy and physiology textbook to read in his spare time during this, his Senior, year. 
 Last week he walk into a ranch nearby and asked to observe.  Cattle people may recognize the place ~ Express Ranch.  It's the biggest seed cattle producer for Black Angus in the country and their main ranch with 3,500 head is not to far from us.  They don't have a vet on staff but they do have an embryologist who invited Jake to spend a couple of days working with him.  What an amazing opportunity!

He was able to help flush eggs out of cows.  These were cows that have been bred with bulls so their embryos could be sold to o…

Saturday Evening Post

A glimpse into the lives of the people who live in the Little Red Farmhouse. Sort of like eves dropping. It will be a quote or conversation. It may be funny. It may be sweet. Maybe a little sad. But it will always be true. We'll see if it resonates with you.

Mom:  "I just need to know.  Are the socks on the kitchen counter dirty?"
Son 2:  "Probably."
Dad:  "That would be awesome."
Son 3:  "No, they're mine.  They're clean."
Mom:  "I'm glad to know that's where we're keeping socks now." {sigh "At least they weren't dirty."}

BLT Pasta Salad

Ok, it's not a BLT because there's spinach in there instead of lettuce but BST just doesn't seem right.  Besides, it tastes like a BLT.  We all know that anything with bacon is just fabulous especially if it was grown out back.  It's the perfect summertime salad.  You've got to try it.
Grab a bowl & let's go...
1 package cooked spiral pasta 4 slices cooked bacon, chopped handful of spinach leaves, chopped cherry tomatoes, chopped 1/2 sweet onion, chopped tiny cubes of colby/jack cheese, yes, chop that too.
In a cup, wisk 1/2 cup Paul Newmans Italian Dressing  (no other kind will do) with a large spoonful of mayo. Pour on pasta and stir. Chill. Eat. Enjoy. I just love BLTs anyway they come!

He has a name

and you're never gonna believe this one. But in order for you to understand it, you need to know one thing about our family. We are nuts over the Tour de France. None of us even cycle although hubby used to. Still, we are avid Tour fans, watching it everyday that it is on, every year. You know it's last 21 days, right? We watch all of it. Yeah, I know, it's weird.

So Jar-e-boy, decided that his lamb reminded him of someone... Alberto Contador There is a resemblance, I must say.  (Sorry, Alberto)

So the lamb's name is Lamberto Contador. We're going to call him Lambert. Holly suggested Lambert and that got J started in the Spanish direction. (I'll never understand how boys think.) I'm just glad it's Lambert for short because everyone walking around saying "Lamb-BEAR-toe" would seriously drive me crazy!
"You named me what?  Well, I do plan on proudly standing in front of crowds of admiring fans."

Jared has a little lamb

Well, it's not little but he sure is cute!  We went to pick him out from the 4-H club lambs last night.  Jared will raise him, train him and then show him in the spring.  He's 3 month old black faced crossbreed wether.

We were told to look for a straight back and pegged legs.  I think he looks pretty good but what do I know?   We don't know anything about sheep.  No matter what, this will be a good first experience with showing and will also be a good test to see if sheep are an animal that our family enjoys.  Wayne has been talking about starting a small flock.

Right now J is trying to get him to come to him for food or petting.  He's going to have to spend lots of time out there! 

I think he is wondering, "What kind of sheep are those?" and "Where is my momma?"

To entice him, J placed food on top of the spool

and is waiting patiently (or impatiently) while he tries to think of a cartoon character name that fits his lamb.

Milk crate

~ to magazine rack.

My husband and I chose strange things to buy when we were first married.  Because of limited funds, our tv was sitting on a cardboard box covered with a blanket when we decided the purchase of this antique milk crate was important. The same day, we also brought home an old wooden shipping crate for a coffee table. 

I just love the character that old useful items have.  They give an authenic charm to a farmhouse, I think.

The fact that it has a alternative yet practical purpose makes me like it even more.  Magazines are a perfect fit on top of the wire dividers.  Or for a different look, you can roll the magazines up and stick them in the slots.  It's a fun way to keep your favorites out to look at again and again.

Visit across the fence

I wonder what that calf was thinking...


This little bird is here to announce the winner! 

Congratulations Simple Days! It appears that we both like farmhouses, aprons, and board games.  Email me through my profile and tell me what you want on your custom farm sign.

Thanks everyone for playing along!  You are fabulous farmhouse friends.

A birthday, a milestone & a giveaway

Today we have a special birthday in the Little Red Farmhouse ~ my baby is turning 12.  And yes, that makes me feel old!

He didn't ask for much but he did want a small "game night" party with friends.  That deserves some special cupcakes.  So... a boxed cake mix, store bought icing (no, I don't make everything from scratch!), precolored fondant, and boy's vivid imagination mixed with a little help via internet searching, and we have some fabulous cupcakes for a fabulous kid!

I thought it migh be fun for you to guess what they all are because...

This week the blog past the milestone of 100,000 page views and over 300 followers.  I never would have believed it!  I was just hoping to inspire a simple living ~ a country living.  It seems that a few of you are enjoying the journey.  So I will continue to share with you what we are discovering while living Life in a Little Red Farmhouse.  And to thank you, I will have a giveaway...

You know I love making farm signs and we…